A Pilot’s Guide

Missile Launching Gamification

What does the pilot think before throwing a bomb? Howare they trained?

This presented manual apparently has a glitch, whichled to a research on

gamification and the training of soldiers to aim andshoot missiles in the

virtual and the real world and ended in this series.When the guide is dissected, it turns out to have three different groups; thefirst group is screenshots from

interviews with the injured or the people who lostfamily members from

Lebanon after the war, the second group is screenshotsfrom flight simulator games that show different techniques of how to fire andaim missiles, and the last is a group of screenshots showing the comments ofpeople under the flight simulator video games tutorials.

PS: Between 1948 and 2006 Israel invaded Lebanon 8times including the longest period of occupation which lasted 22 years between1982 and 2000. To date, Lebanon’s Shebaa farms and Kafarshuba hills remainunder Israeli occupation. Also, Israeli surveillance warplanes are stillviolating Lebanese territories and borders every day or at least several timesa week.

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