As we all know, Lebanon faced several conflicts and wars with Israel, the invasions were divided into five main wars. 1978 “ South Lebanon Conflict”, 1982 “Lebanon war”, July 1993 “operation accountability”, 1996 ”Operation Grapes of wrath”, and the last war that took place in Lebanon was in 2006. All these wars have affected the Lebanese people economically, physically, mentally, and physiologically in a very tragic way leaving behind dead and injured people, and destroyed homes and streets. Even after the wars have ended and between the truce phases, the damage continued to affect the people because of the implanted land mines, cluster bombs and the remnants left behind. These wars are forgotten after they end and a new beginning is started but there are several people that the image of war is implanted within their bodies and minds, these people reflect the aftermath of wars and the remnants of war are embodied within their souls. When we look at these people we can see the hard time that they passed through and the suffer that is still present until this day.

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