Isn't it beautiful?

The Lebanese-Israeli conflicts started gradually since the establishment of the State of Israel inside Palestine in 1948.

In 1967 Shebaa Farms, that are located in the southern part of Lebanon, were annexed to the areas under Israeli control. After that, the conflicts between Lebanon and Israel worsened with Israel’s expansion of its occupation of the Lebanese territory.

This series shows two different parts, the first shows occupation and wars throughout the history and the conflicts that took place to reclaim the lands back. While the second part, which reflects imagination and estimation based on the plan and the main goal of Israel and on what is happening at the current time in Palestine which borders Lebanon from the south. Today, Israeli’s have 100% control on the Palestinian territory. By destroying Palestinian villages, changing street names and demolishing mosques and churches they are trying to demolish the Palestinian identity and culture.

Going back to Lebanon, Israel currently occupies Lebanese land (Shebaa farms) and sends its warplanes to violate Lebanese territories and borders every day or at least several times a week.

While I sit back at my home in the South, I look around me and think of how much I love being here. Not a day goes by without asking myself, “isn’t it beautiful?” I find myself wondering, what if we were never able to retrieve our lands back in 2000 after 22 years of occupation? How would it feel to be a refugee in my own land? And what about the future? What will happen next?

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