Abbas Al Sagheer

I got injured by a remnant shell belonging to the Israelis in the war back in 1979. I lost three limbs: my right leg below the knee, my left leg above the knee and my left hand.My wife got killed, my cousin got killed, my son also got killed. My second and third son got injured, and my daughter as well. They were all injured... all of them.

Ayda Al Khaled

On the 13th pf April 1996 - back then, the village was getting bombarded heavily. My sisters and I went with my neighbor in an ambulance car. We rode in the ambulance thinking that it will never get bombarded. When we arrived to the Amereyya roadblock, an Israeli plane bombarded the ambulance resulting in a number of martyrs, among whom were my sister and grandmother. I was left in the ambulance alone for about half an hour under the assumption that I was among the martyrs too. It was a massacre. I can only remember my sister at that time, screaming for my aunt to reply, while everything else was silent and no voices was heard. The whole area there was abandoned. But, I can never forgot the voice of windshield wipers that continued working during the whole time. As if I was in a horror movie, I was unable to hear anything but that sound.

Montaha Chaito

The war started in 2006. We stayed for 12 days in our village, AL Tiri. We remained while waiting for thebus to arrive and take us away. The next day, the bus arrived. The Israeliaircraft remained flying over our heads as soon as we got on the bus. 

When we arrived at Kafra Al Assi,the aircraft stroke us. Every time I try to recall what happened, I can't butremember my son Ali. He was so blunt! He brought a cloth material from my bagand tied my loosing hand. Ali was only 12 years then. 

I felt as though I was about tofaint. Ali grabbed my hand and started saying, “don’t die mom... Don't leave mealone." Moments later, my hand got separated from my body, I fainted andAli started screaming and crying for me not to die. 30 minutes later, the RedCross came by and felt my pulse. I was still there fighting to survive. 

Hasan Shalhoub

It was 1 hour pass midnight whena plane bombarded the house and I fainted. They carried me thinking that I wasdead. They wanted to coffin me at night, but there was a lot of air strikes andbombardments which made them wait until the following day.

I was four years old. 

My head was injured badly andblood was shedding heavily. The situation resumed till dawn, few hours laterthe same man who placed me down here came back. I screamed loudly for him tohear. He ran towards me and said “Darling, you are still alive?" He tookme back to my mother.

When I got better, my mother toldme that my sister was martyred. 

I still remember it all, everysingle thing. Knowing that I was only 4 years old, I still recall all thefaces, even the color of the blanket they wanted to wrap me in. I stillremember the whole story and I will never forget it. 

None of my friends remained alive... they were all martyred... 

Ahmad Ali

My right hand was injured duringthe 1974 war and two of my companions died.

During the war of July 2006, myfamily and I were also injured at the same place in Blida. We were bombed by anIsraeli aircraft missile. Taking into consideration that, we were normalcivilians and had nothing to do with the war. I directly lost my legs. 

Nour Hachem

It was around 1 in the morning. Iheard my mother calling upon my sister and I to help her find our young brotherAbbas who went missing. Abbas was a toddler then.

My uncle took me to the hospital.

I heard someone by coincidencesaying that Mahmoud's three kids died. When my uncle came, I asked him aboutwhat I heard and he nodded. 

My brother Jaafar was 12 at thattime, Mahdi was 7 and Abbas was 1.

When the massacre took place. Wehad no idea that my father was martyred too. He was besieged in another placein Kana too. He was martyred two days before my brothers. 

After the war broke out, theygave us his cloth. Inside pocket of his shirt was a paper with his will writtenon.

Fatima Ali

The fragments you are looking atin my hand were due to an injury I suffered from during the war of July in2006. Every time I underwent a surgery, new fragments got extracted. Whether itwas a pebble or a small steel fragment. Although years have passed since war, Ican still feel some fragments coming out of my body. 

About two months ago, I underwenta hand surgery. In that same surgery, they extracted a fragment too. 

My body is full of them, stillengraved down there waiting to be extracted. But, a surgery can't be scheduledat the moment. 

Yousra Hussein

IN 2006, the blockade on Rmeishgot intensified. With the increasing number of emigrants, nothing was left toeat but some bread crumbs and cans.

On the twenty second of July2006, we were left with no other choice but to leave. We set off not knowingwhat was awaiting us.

Suddenly at Sedekin, I could nolonger see sunlight. Everything turned grey and unclear. 

What happened? Now that I'm inanother car, My sister Fatima was still by my side along with my two kids. I nolonger knew where was I and what happened until we arrived at Nejem hospitallocated in Tyre. There, one of the nurses said “your sisters were martyred, mayGod give you the comfort and peace you seek."

I had no clue that what she saidwas directed to me. 

It was the twenty second of July,I had no idea that it was time to say goodbye... I didn't have the time tosalut my sisters. I never thought that it was time for them to depart. That itwas the time for I to hold out to this life all by myself... 

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